Treatment - Neuropathy Relief Miami Treatment
Treatment - Neuropathy Relief Miami Treatment
Dr. Alfonso’s Neuropathy Treatment Protocol utilizes a combination of specialized therapies designed to rehabilitate the cause of Peripheral Neuropathy. The doctor will select the best treatment therapy combination, frequency, nutritional plan, and home support determined from your consultation, examination and diagnostics. Below is a list with a brief description of therapies and treatments that could be applied to individuals with Peripheral Neuropathy.

Health Light Therapy

Treatment - Health Light Therapy
Treatment - Health Light Therapy
Health Light Therapy is applied at specific light wavelengths for acute and chronic Neuropathy patients, which produces the greatest cellular response to promote healing.


HealthLight’s red and infrared diodes cause an increase in local circulation. Infrared therapy, which is cleared by the FDA, relieves pain and improves local circulation inflammation.


Thousands of patients have experienced significant relief from the pain, tingling, numbness, inflammation and swelling that often occurs in conjunction with diabetic, statin, and chemotherapy related Peripheral Neuropathy.

Hako-Med Therapy

Treatment - Hako Med Therapy
Treatment - Hako Med Therapy
Advanced “Horizontal Therapy” extends the effects of standard electrotherapy by simultaneously stimulating the body’s electrical and chemical healing responses.


At a cellular level, electrotherapy is ultimately used to stimulate these electrical and chemical processes to relieve pain and prompt nerve tissue healing. This advanced electrotherapy stimulates the release of natural enzymes and other tissue-building cells in your body. Hako-Med is a safe, effective treatment that is preferred over traditional forms of electrotherapy for the rehabilitation of Peripheral Neuropathy.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy (PEMF)

Treatment - Electromagnetic Field Therapy
Treatment - Electromagnetic Field Therapy
Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy directs powerful, pulsed energy waves into damaged or injured tissues.


The pulses at low frequencies pass through the skin and penetrate deeply into muscle, bones, tendons, and nerves. Admittedly, these pulses also increase the cell’s energy, and stimulates its natural repair mechanisms.


These painless waves quickly pass through the cells in the damaged region, and increases the spin of the electrons contained within them. This increase in cellular energy helps to heal damaged tissues, relieve pain, and stimulate cell growth.

Back on Track Decompression

Treatment - Back on Track Decompression
Treatment - Back on Track Decompression
Back on Track traction reduces the painful spinal disc protrusions, bulges, and herniations. This traction also decreases spinal degeneration stenosis pain and numbness. The specialized traction treatment causes intra-discal pressure to drop from a positive to a negative pressure. This negative pressure promotes the diffusion, or intake, of water, oxygen, and nutrients into the damaged dehydrated disc, thereby rehydrating the degenerated disc.


The pressure reduction results in increased nutrient flow and hydration to the damaged tissues, which promotes the healing of spinal compression that has caused Peripheral Neuropathy conditions.

The Vibe -Vibration Therapy

Treatment - Vibration Therapy
Treatment - Vibration Therapy
The vibes specific vibrational frequency stimulates and promotes the healing of damaged soft and hard tissues. The vibration therapy increases circulation, stimulates damage nerve fibers, improves flexibility, increasing muscle strength, improves bone density, and stimulates the lymphatic system to remove waste.
The vibration therapy also improves balance problems which is very common dangerous problem associated with peripherial neuropathy causing falls leading to fractures.

Regenerative Oxygen Therapy

Treatment - Regenerative Oxygen Therapy
Treatment - Regenerative Oxygen Therapy
Total Brain & Body O2  improves healing by super- saturating the damaged and inflamed tissues with oxygen. The increase of oxygen  allows damaged oxygen-deprived tissues to return to normal aerobic metabolism and promotes healing in patients with neuropathy at a cellular level.


– ​Increases Tissue Oxygenation
– Enhances Neurological Function
– Improves Cardiovascular Function
– Reduces Muscle Stiffness
– Decreases Fatigue
– Improves Cognitive Function
– Decreases Recovery Time

Neuropathy Massage Therapy

Treatment - Neuropathy Massage Therapy
Treatment - Neuropathy Massage Therapy
Massage therapy combined with specific manual tissue stretches increase circulation, decreases tight painful tissues, eliminates metabolic waste, decreases stress and promotes the healing of damaged soft tissues.

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