Numbness In Toes?

Numbness in Toes -the cause of Numbness in Toes

Numbness In Toes?

What is the cause of numbness in toes?

Numbness in toes is caused by damage to the small fiber peripheral nerves of the legs and feet. Peripheral neuropathy symptoms are often sensory function related and cause people to experience pins-and-needles, tingling, numbness, burning, sharp pains, and coldness.

The peripheral nervous system transmits sensory and motor signals to and from the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) . Damage to the peripheral nerve fibers legs and feet responsible for touch, temperatures, vibrations, and pains are a major cause of numbness in toes.

Peripheral Neuropathy also known as nerve damage/disease most commonly results from diabetes, nerve entrapment/compression, chemotherapy medications, alcohol abuse, certain medications, industrial/military toxins, and genetic conditions. These are the most common causes resulting in patients seeking treatment for numbness in toes.


Who is at risk for developing numbness in toes?

Numbness in Toes - Risk for Developing Numbness in Toes

Numbness in Toes – Risk for Developing Numbness in Toes

Approximately 55-75% of patients with diabetes will develop peripheral neuropathy. Diabetes is a primary cause of people seeking treatment for numbness in toes due to peripheral nerve damage as a result of high blood sugar restricting blood circulation to the nerves.

People who have damaged their peripheral nerve nerves from spinal traumas or injuries, chemotherapy or radiation treatments, prescribed and over the counter medications, industria/military toxins, alcohol, elevated high blood sugar and are at high risk for needing treatment for numbness in toes.

What are the medications often Prescribed for Treatment For numbness in toes?

Often a mixture of medication such as anti-seizure, painkillers, and depression medication are prescribed by medical doctors with a clinical goal to cover-up or mask the symptoms.
These power drugs with life altering side effects do not treat the underlying cause of peripheral neuropathy and do not stimulate, rehabilitation, or repair the damaged diseased nerves causing the numbness in toes. This type of medical treatment does not improve the nerve damage and will lead to progression of the condition.

The treatment for numbness in toes has to treat and repair the damaged peripheral nerves and address the underlying cause of the condition.

Improve and increase blood circulation to provide oxygen and nutrition to the damaged nerves.
Stimulate nerve cell growth for repair of the damaged peripheral nerves.
Identify and remove any mechanical peripheral nerve entrapment and or compression from the spine or extremity joints.


What Is The Most Successful Treatment For Numbness In Toes?

Dr. Alfonso‘s Neuropathy Treatment Protocol combines multiple specialized therapies and treatments designed to increase the supply of nutrients, oxygen, and remove waste to stimulate the peripheral nerve damage repair . The combination of increasing circulation to the damaged peripheral nerves with treatments to stimulate peripheral nerve cell regeneration and repair is how Neuropathy Relief Miami is helping patients overcome peripheral neuropathy naturally.
Dr. Alfonso‘s Neuropathy Treatment Protocol is a highly successful treatment that has effectively helped many patients seeking treatment for numbness in toes without the use of surgery, injections or powerful medications.
For more information on the Dr. Alfonso Neuropathy Treatment Protocol and the unique combination of specialized therapies and treatments for the rehabilitation of damaged peripheral nerves please visit our treatment page.

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