Burning Feet?

Burning Feet - Symptom of Peripheral Neuropathy

Burning Feet?

Are my burning feet a symptom of peripheral neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy is the most common cause of people experiencing burning feet symptoms.

Peripheral neuropathy symptoms are typically the results from a combination of sensory and motor nerve damage. When a person has peripheral sensory small fiber nerve damage symptoms commonly include tingling, numbness, pins-and-needles, sharp pains, burning pain, coldness, and electric shock. Large motor fiber damage nerve damage causes muscle atrophy, loss of strength, balance issues, and trouble walking.

Peripheral nerve damage to the sensory and motor nerves is the primary reason people seek care for burning feet at Neuropathy Relief Center Miami.

Are my burning feet a result of prolonged elevated blood sugar?

Diabetes is the most common cause of burning feet. Approximately 50%-60% of people diagnosed with diabetes develop peripheral neuropathy also known as nerve fiber cell death or disease. The peripheral nerves in control of the feet and hands as a result of elevated blood sugar result in nerve damage creating the symptoms such as burning feet.

Can medications correct the underlying cause of burning feet?

Burning Feet - The Underlying Cause of Burning Feet

Burning Feet – The Underlying Cause of Burning Feet

Most find it odd that the typically medical approach is the prescription of powerful painkillers, antidepressants, ant-seizure
anti-inflammatories, and epileptics.

Current prescribed medications for the treatment of burning feet do not address the underlying cause of peripheral neuropathy. More importantly current medications do not stimulate the repair of damaged peripheral nerves. These medications only mask or cover-up the symptoms, such as burning feet, and only help the patient cope with their condition. The peripheral neuropathy symptoms may temporarily decrease but the cellular death and peripheral neuropathy condition will continue to progress and worsen.

The treatment for burning feet needs to improve and rehabilitate the damaged nerves and their small blood vessels. The goal of care needs to improve circulation and stimulate damaged nerves to facilitate cell regeneration.

What Is The Dr. Alfonso Neuropathy Treatment For Burning Feet?

Dr. Alfonso‘s Neuropathy Treatment Protocol is a highly successful peripheral neuropathy treatment that has helped many patients suffering with burning feet without the use of medication, injections, or surgery.
The Dr. Alfonso‘s Neuropathy Treatment Protocol combines a selection of up to 8 unique treatments designed to increase the blood circulation to damaged/diseased nerves and stimulate nerve repair and cell regeneration. As the circulation improves the sick damaged nerves receive a much needed supply of nutrients, oxygen and the removal of metabolic waste. This drugless and surgery free treatment for burning feet actually addresses the underlying cause of the condition.

If you have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy or have neuropathy symptoms such as pain, burning, numbness in your arms, hands, legs or feet. Please contact us at (305) 275-7475 to schedule and discuss your questions with our new patient specialist or message us your number/email and our team member will reach out to you for scheduling.

Out of town patients can schedule a complimentary Zoom Meeting Consultation or Phone Consultation with Dr. Alfonso. Please contact either by website, email, or by phone if you have any questions. We are here to help you overcome peripheral neuropathy and get you back to enjoying life! You can beat peripheral neuropathy without drugs or surgery!

For more info on the Dr. Alfonso Neuropathy Treatment Protocol please visit our treatment page of our website.
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