All living things require nutrients and oxygen and need to be as free of poisons and toxins as possible in order to grow, thrive and prosper.


Your peripheral nerves are NO exception.

When functioning normally, nerve tissues receive rich nutrients, and highly-oxygenated blood that is carried by microscopic capillaries, which are tiny-tiny-tiny blood vessels that are easily clogged.


Ischemia is one of those scientific words, which simply mean “tissue death due to starvation.” This is vitally important to understand because peripheral nerves are living tissues requiring nourishment.


When these tiny nutrient and oxygen carrying vessels do become clogged, many nerve tissues fail to receive the nutrients and oxygen necessary for survival.   When this happens the peripheral nerves become damaged.


The same occurrence arises when an occluded artery causes a massive heart attack, which happens on a massive scale damaging literally millions of microscopic peripheral nerves.


The capillaries of an individual with diabetes can clog once a great deal of glucose fills the bloodstream, which can then prevent nerve tissues from receiving the proper nutrients and oxygen necessary for survival. In compressive forms of Neuropathy, the direct physical pressures placed on the nerves by aberrant joint function shut down the flow of O2 and nutrients to the nerves – much like what happens if you run over a water hose with a car tire.


Painful sensory Neuropathy is rarely correctable with drugs.  This is because they don’t address ischemia.

Neurontin (Gabapentin) is actually an anti-convulsive designed to treat seizures.

Elavil (Amitriptyline), Tofranil (Imipramine) and Cymbalta (Duloxetine) are anti-depressants.

New Advances In Neuropathy Treatment


 Dr. Alfonso’s Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment Protocol centers around a unit known as the Sensory Integrator. This painless low-level laser, which is also known as “soft” laser, activates once the light from nearly 300 pulsed, light emitting diodes penetrate the skin of the feet and legs. Additionally, this sensory integrator also assists with new capillary formation and nerve growth.

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Neuropathy Treatment without drugs or surgery
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