Julio Martinez – Patient

Hi, my name is Julio Martinez. I am a recovering patient from peripheral neuropathy. For me personally, I didn’t experience any pain. What I had experienced was a swelling sensation in my legs and feet and when I would look down at my feet, there would be no swelling, but the sensation was there. I’ve been dealing with this for the last 5-6 years. It got to a point where I couldn’t handle it anymore and I came here to Neuropathy Relief Center of Miami where I was greeted by Dr. Rudy Alfonso.
I was receiving intense therapy, deep massages, exercises as well as some revolutionary technology which is not used often here in the United States. These therapies have helped me a great deal. After completing phase one and now going into phase two of my therapy, I can say that I have recovered about 85%. Neuropathy is not just something that goes away. You need to see a specialist. Come to Neuropathy Relief Center of Miami, speak with Dr. Alfonso, and he’ll set you up on a treatment plan specific to you and your needs. I can almost tell you for certain, you will feel a lot better! I thoroughly recommend it!

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