COVID-19 Update

Dear Dr. Alfonso’s Patient,


Due to the Coronavirus issue our nation is facing, we are taking recommended and effective measures to ensure your safety within our office, so that your medical care can continue uninterrupted. Our plan is to continue serving you throughout this crisis. One of the most effective mitigation techniques recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is social distancing. In addition to social distancing, we at Sunset Chiropractic and Wellness and The Neuropathy Relief Center of Miami are taking the following precautions:


1- Our staff and every patient is being evaluated daily for signs and symptoms of any illness to ensure they are not exhibiting any signs or symptoms consistent with COVID-19 (via interview and temperature taking). If any signs or symptoms are found the employee or patient is advised to go home and contact their primary care physician and their immediate surroundings are immediately disinfected.


2- Our entrance door, reception area, bathroom surfaces, treatment rooms and tables are being wiped down with disinfectant every 30 minutes in addition to a complete disinfecting of all equipment immediately after treatment.


3- Our floors are being disinfected twice daily.


4- All employees and medical providers are disinfecting their hands every 30 minutes regardless of patient contact. Further, all employees who have patient contact will disinfect their hands immediately after treatment and again before treating the next patient.


5- While in contact with each patient, the doctor and/or assistant therapist will be wearing a mask and gloves, in addition to the steps taken above.


We urge you to continue your treatment here at Sunset Chiropractic and Wellness and The Neuropathy Relief Center of Miami. We will accommodate you in every possible way to insure your wellbeing.  We look forward to providing you the highest level of treatment and attention you are accustomed to under these circumstances.  We have provided the below link to the Center for Disease control’s COVID-19 fact sheet for your review.  For further information regarding our new practices please don’t hesitate to contact our office.




Dr. Rodolfo Alfonso


Rodolfo Alfonso D.C.

Neuropathy Relief Center of Miami
8585 SW Sunset Dr. Suite 102
Miami, FL 33143

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