What is the most common type of Neuropathy?

Neuropathy - Type of Neuropathy

What is the most common type of Neuropathy?

Sensory Neuropathy is the most common Peripheral Neuropathy. The vast majority who suffer from this neuropathy experience a great deal of distress and agony.

In sensory neuropathy patients the tiny nerves that serve the skin become “disconnected” and fail in their ability to transmit normal sensations to the brain, such as decreased touch perception, or hyper-excited nerves are responsible for causing all the pain, swelling, burning and other symptoms associated with the disease.

Peripheral neuropathy is a disease afflicting 20 million people in the United States. That’s about 1 out of every 17. The majority age for people who suffer from neuropathy is 45 and older.

The peripheral nerves in these patients are damaged, sick and dying. These nerves are located in the outer aspects of the body and which are usually close to the skin surface.

The most common symptoms for people who suffer from neuropathy:


Burning pain radiating in hands or feet

– Pins and needles in the extremities
– Numbness and tingling
–  Weakness in arms and legs
–  A knotted feeling in the soles and palms
–  Pain from the lightest touches
–  Difficulty walking
–  Pain from the pressure of walking
–  Balance problems
–  Inability to grasp with the hands
–  Cramping of the feet
–  Fingers twisting and locking
–  Pain when twisting the wrists
–  Hands and feet feeling tired or heavy
–  Night pain and sleep difficulty
–  Restless legs and feet
–  Pain that seems to come even from the sheets or covers on your feet at night

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This Treatment Protocol, which is implemented without medications or surgery, combines a customized treatment plan, home care, and nutritional program.


If you have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy or experience neuropathy symptoms such as pain, burning, coldness, discoloration, wounds, numbness in your arms, hands, legs or feet, or balance and walking difficulties.

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