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Tingling in hands - Tingling in hands

Tingling In Hands

Tingling in hands? What is the cause?

The tingling in hands people experience is commonly developed due to damage of the peripheral nerve fibers of the neck, shoulder, arms, wrist, and hands responsible for our ability to feel sensations such as vibration, cold/hot, sharp, dull are major causes of tingling in hands.

Numbness and tingling symptoms are caused by damage to the sensory nerve fibers and represents a sensory function dysfunction or loss and referred to as peripheral neuropathy.

Many patients received treatment for tingling in hands due to peripheral neuropathy. Diabetic metabolic syndromes, mechanical nerve physical entrapment or compression of the peripheral nerve, chemo/radiation treatment, medications, military/ industrial toxins, alcohol abuse, vitamin & mineral deficiencies and/or a genetic condition.


Tingling in hands - Who is a risk

Tingling in hands – Who is a risk

Tingling in hands? Who is a risk?

It is estimated that 55-75% of diabetic patients will experience peripheral neuropathy symptoms such as tingling in hands due to the sensory nerve damage as a result of high blood sugar obstructing the blood flow to the peripheral nerve fibers of the upper extremities.

Patients often damage the nerves controlling the hands as a result of injury to the cervical spine and the brachial plexus of peripheral nerves in control of the shoulder, arms, wrists, hands and fingers. This is a type of structural or mechanical nerve compression damage and can occur from an acute injury and/or due to chronic physical stresses on the spinal system.

Toxins of different types such as meds, chemo, alcohol, and military/industrial exposure put people at risk for nerve damage and developing tingling in hands.

Tingling in hands? Do medications help?


Unfortunately current medical treatments such as medications or surgery do not treat the underlying cause of peripheral neuropathy.

A cocktail of antidepressants, painkillers, and seizure medications are often prescribed for peripheral neuropathy symptoms such as tingling in hands. This type of treatment does not cause regeneration and repair of the damaged nerve cells or the tiny blood vessels which are the cause of the tingling in hands. The clinical goal of this type of medical treatment is to temporarily cover up the peripheral neuropathy symptom of tingling in hands and most likely lead to progression of the nerve damage


Tingling in hands? Is there an effective treatment ?

Tingling in hands - Do medications help

Tingling in hands – Do medications help

Dr. Alfonso‘s Neuropathy Treatment Protocol utilizes over 7 different specialized treatments and therapies designed to improve the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the damaged sick nerves while stimulating the removal of metabolic waste products and stimulating peripheral nerve repair and regeneration at a cellular level. This combination of treatments designed to treat the nerve damage directly is why has had tremendous success in helping patients overcome peripheral neuropathy symptoms such as tingling in hands without the use of drugs or surgery
Dr. Alfonso Neuropathy Treatment Protocol

Improves and increases oxygen and nutrition through the increase of circulation to the damaged nerves.
Repairs peripheral fibers by stimulating regenerative of new nerve cells.
Removes and eliminates mechanical peripheral nerve entrapments and compressions in the spine and extremities.

For more info on the Dr. Alfonso Neuropathy Treatment Protocol please visit our treatment page of our website.
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