Myrtle Kelly – Patient

My name is Myrtle Kelly. I went to one of Dr. Alfonso’s seminars at Red Lobster. The day of the seminar I could barely walk, I was weak, I was using a walker and almost all the symptoms he presented in the seminar, I had. I made an appointment to see him the following Tuesday. That was September of last year. When I came to his office, he was very honest and I was very surprised that his neurological exam was more in depth than any neurologist I’ve ever seen. I started treatment that same day. Again, I was very weak, I had lost 20 pounds, and I had fallen about 5 times. The last time I fell, I was so weak that I was unable to pick myself up off the ground. I had no energy, or feeling in my feet. I couldn’t do anything. Since coming to Neuropathy Relief Center of Miami, I must say I have improved tremendously! I’ve gained 12 pounds, I am stronger, I can get up on my own, and I can lift my legs and feet. 
Those are positive improvements and positive healing that I’ve noticed since starting my treatment. The pain in my body was preventing me from sleeping at night, and now I’m getting four hours of sleep which is much more than I was getting before. I am more positive and happier. I felt like I was dying slowly. That’s how I felt before coming here. My body is healthier and I am improving! I am not at 100% perfection, but I am up to 90% better coming from nowhere! I am very happy and I recommend him to anyone!

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