Michelle Adams


Michelle Adams – Patient

My name is Michelle Adams. I have been coming here for 13 weeks. I was in a lot of pain and I suffered from encroaching pain on my spinal nerves, on my herniated discs, and pain running down my back and legs. I had muscle weakness, and there were a lot of things I could not do. For about four years, I was having the worst time. A couple of weeks ago, I felt like just taking off and walking like I never had in years.
I am so glad I signed up and I look forward to coming in every week. Dr. Alfonso and his staff are so helpful because they ask me where the problems are and where I am feeling badly. I had tremors and I am improving greatly in all areas, in just the 13 weeks that I have been here. I feel comfortable coming here and I look forward to helping people understand that the equipment is so effective!

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